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Penserra Announces the Launch of Active Investment Management

Penserra, an employee and minority-owned (MBE) institutional financial services firm, is excited to announce the launch of Penserra Global Investors LLC. Penserra Global will offer a range of actively managed international and global sustainable equity strategies starting with the International Sustainable Small Cap Equity offering.

Penserra Global’s investment team is comprised of Egor N. Rybakov, CFA, Partner and Chief Investment Officer, and Katalin (Kati) Gingold, CFA, Partner and Director of Research, who each have more than two decades of institutional equity investment experience at well-established asset management firms including Thornburg Investment Management, Tradewinds Global Investors (Nuveen), Artio Global Investors, and Cartica Management.

George Madrigal, Chief Executive of Penserra, commented:

“As part of the fabric of our DEI culture and corporate strategy, Penserra has long considered expansion into active investment management. We were specifically searching for an investment approach rooted in sustainability, but one that did not sacrifice returns.  I was particularly drawn to the process which imbeds sustainability as a fundamental premise in the investment thesis rather than simply applying a stock selection screen, which can be highly inefficient.  Our new global and international strategies offer significant active share as a result of the high conviction security selection process. In addition, Penserra has significant global markets experience going back to 2007, including a thriving SEC registered ETF sub-advising business.  Penserra Global has been able to quickly leverage our existing technology infrastructure and experience in operations and compliance.  I am very excited to have Egor and Kati leading this expansion.”

The team’s approach is to invest in sustainable, high-quality businesses that derive superior returns on invested capital and long-duration growth from participation in structural and disruptive environmental, social, and demographic themes. The investment philosophy and process, honed over many years, features thematic and quantitative idea generation, comprehensive analysis of business fundamentals, and proprietary approach to valuation rooted in economic value added. Capital preservation and risk mitigation are achieved by establishing a margin of safety through ownership of intrinsically undervalued, well-governed, environmentally friendly, and socially conscious companies.

“We are excited to share with Penserra the same beliefs in the importance of sustainability, diversity and inclusion, which are the core tenets of our investment approach and our personal lives. We believe that companies with solutions to complex environmental, social, health- and security-related challenges, just to name a few, are in a better position to earn higher profits over a longer period while making a positive social impact. A portfolio of such compounders has a higher propensity to outperform the market and align with personal values of many investors who believe in a new, sustainable economy.  We are thrilled to offer such investment solutions to our shareholders and clients to help them achieve their financial goals.” – Egor Rybakov, CFA and Katalin (Kati) Gingold, CFA

About the Company

Founded in 2007, Penserra is an institutional financial services firm with offices located in New York, Chicago, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Services include Global Equity Trading, Fixed Income Trading, Investment Banking, ETF Sub-Advising, Active Investment Management, and Equity Research. Penserra is a certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE).