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George Martin Receives First Penserra Mindset Award

On June 23, 2022, George Martin became the first recipient of the Penserra Mindset Award. Conceived in 2019 and delayed two years because of the pandemic, the award recognizes individuals whose professional integrity and personal ethos best embody the four tenets of the Penserra Mindset.

Members of senior management as well as the Chicago staff were present for George’s celebration. His wife Maureen and children Annie and George III were also in attendance. Reports suggest a good time was had by all.

George received a cash award along with a plaque that will be replicated and displayed in Penserra’s offices. Etched in gold against a black background, the plaque reads:

The Penserra Mindset Award recognizes individuals whose professional integrity and personal ethos best embody the four tenets of the Penserra Mindset: Ring the Bell, Do Right by Our Customer, Treat Colleagues Like Clients, and Make Learning a Habit. This award aspires to no predetermined timetable nor quantifiable standard of measurement. You simply know a deserving recipient when you see one.

“Mention George Martin’s name and you will likely encounter an immediate spark of engagement, an affectionate nod of the head, a knowing smile. George has that kind of effect on people. For rare is the individual who combines the savvy to do their job well, the integrity to appreciate and be appreciated by others, and the heart to do right by the world. That is George Martin.

One word has come to define George over his four decades of industry experience: respect. Respect for others. Respect for his work. Respect for who he is and who he is not. And, perhaps most importantly, respect for those not as fortunate as he. George is a true man of the people, a grounded, salt-of-the-Earth soul who, no matter their situations or surroundings, always sees the best in others. For George understands that every person has a life story to tell, and that individuals deprived of resources or opportunity still deserve to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect.

The Penserra Mindset, a canon of core beliefs inherent to the way we conduct ourselves in our professional environments, strives to shape the attitudes and behaviors of those employed by Penserra. Inclusive in those beliefs is the precept that the people we work with deserve to be treated equally and equitably. And because he is as respectful and he is respected, George Martin embodies the best of the Penserra Mindset.

Geo, as he is affectionately known, prefers not to draw attention to himself, but he is not afraid to actively support what he believes. One cause is Penserra, where he arrives at work every day ready to pick up the phone and personally engage with others and excel at whatever task is required of him. Another cause is to assist people in need, and he does this not by writing a check but by hitting the streets, eagerly volunteering his time, energy, and spirit, making the personal sacrifice of getting his hands dirty while dispensing aid and comfort. Ask George why he invests so much of himself, both to those he works with and the humanitarian efforts he commits to, and the answer he gives is as direct as it is simple: because he cares.

George is not perfect, but he is perfect for Penserra. Because of who he is, and the example he sets for all of us, George Martin is the first recipient of the Penserra Mindset Award.

Congratulations, Geo. And thank you.”

June 23, 2022