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COVID-19 Response: An Updated Message from CEO George Madrigal

To Our Clients and Community

Above everything, I hope that you and your families are safe and healthy.  The enormity of what is happening around the world today because of COVID-19 was beyond comprehension just a few weeks ago.  We hope this crisis subsides soon while keeping the health of people a priority.

I am writing another brief note to provide an update to our clients and community. While the safety of our employees is our top priority, Penserra remains 100% functional across all our services without disruption to any clients. We continue to access essential liquidity across the global markets with around the clock staffing. This was accomplished without sacrifice to our risk controls or operational processes. Even with client activity rising well above average in recent weeks, we remain adequately staffed to meet increased demand. 

Our company was founded in 2007 during the Great Financial Crisis. During that time of heightened volatility and uncertainty, we learned a lot about prioritization through risk management, leveraging technology, and relying on the unique knowledge of every employee. Those first few years also taught us to be resilient and scrappy. The lessons borne of a worldwide financial crisis back then allow us to service our clients in the best way possible today.

Our employees have shown an amazing ability to help our clients find solutions to problems we have never seen before. Their ability to find solutions quickly while facing the distractions of this crisis has been truly amazing. I have never been prouder of our team than I am today. 

At every stage of this crisis, Penserra is committed to helping our clients and community as much as we can. Please let us know how we can help you.  If you have any questions or requests, please contact your Penserra representative or contact me directly. (email or call 925-594-5001).



George Madrigal

Chief Executive Officer