Portfolio Solutions

Special Situations Research

Our Unique Approach Offers Three Unique Strategies with Proven, Back-Tested Results.

All of our strategies use a proprietary screening tool to identify unique opportunities.

Our Tender Offer Strategy identifies tender offer buy-backs where a company is buying back their shares and we anticipate the buy-back price to be at a premium to current prices.

Our Share-Class Strategy identifies companies that offer shares on different stock-exchanges or with different share classes that are trading at historically disparate spreads.

Our Holding-Company Strategy identifies companies that hold other public companies and one of those holdings represents a substantial percentage of the overall valuation.

Our Proprietary Approach

  • All of our strategies use a proprietary screening tool to identify the unique opportunities. Tools like our proprietary proration algorithm help identify unique alpha generated ideas.
  • Most importantly, these strategies have been modified and perfected through many years. Penserra is available to counsel customers through the whole investment process. 

For more information, please contact Kevin McLaverty at kevin.mclaverty@penserra.com

Portfolio Liquidation and Rebalancing

As a registered investment advisor, we offer consultative and comprehensive portfolio restructuring services to institutional clients such as private pension plans, public pension plans, foundations, and endowments with fiduciary oversight. Our experience and commitment to serve in the best interest of our clients allows us to be a trusted strategic partner.

For more information, please contact Connie Kreutzer at connie.kreutzer@penserra.com, or call 800-456-8850.