Global Equity Management

Active Global Management

Penserra offers global equity management services though a diverse, employee-, and minority- owned boutique asset management subsidiary, Penserra Global Investors, based in Newport Beach, CA.

Our purpose is to provide superior risk-adjusted returns by extending investment research beyond the financial statements. Our culture of ownership, meritocracy, innovation and collaboration helps us address complexity and fosters independent thinking.


  • We are long-term investors in intrinsically undervalued quality businesses with potential for sustainable wealth creation
  • We combine financial research with sustainability and ESG analysis, as well as an assessment of intangible assets, such as human capital
  • We focus on global small- and mid-caps, where we can realize behavioral and informational advantages
  • We construct concentrated portfolios of high-conviction investments


Linking ESG to Value Creation

We identify material ESG factors responsible for value creation. Well-governed (G), socially conscious (S), environmentally efficient (E) businesses possess superior ability to withstand risk, capitalize on new opportunities, and generate higher profits and sustainable growth.

Invest in Superior Corporate Culture

We believe that efficient and durable organizations are defined by superior corporate culture, shaped by governance (G) and social (S) factors. G and S are under-researched and under-appreciated by investors offering opportunities for value creation.

Proprietary Thematic Analysis

Consumer behaviors and regulatory actions lead to secular reallocation of capital towards more sustainable economy. Companies that deliver innovative  and disruptive solutions to complex problems are well positioned to benefit from this strong structural tailwind.

Active Corporate Engagement

We seek to develop better knowledge and unlock value in our investments through constructive, friendly dialogue with management. We pursue alignment of interests in the areas of governance, social and environmental footprint, capital allocation, and investor relations.

Positive Trajectory of ESG Evolution

We believe that improvements in ESG practices within a company or industry are important drivers of corporate value creation and future investment returns.


International Sustainable Small Cap Equity

  • Launched 2019
  • Open to new capital

Investment Team

Egor Rybakov, CFA, Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Rybakov has over 20 years of US and international equity research, portfolio management and marketing experience, providing him a thorough knowledge of small-, mid- and large – capitalization companies. He has approached sustainability and ESG-related challenges from the investor’s point of view and developed a proprietary inclusion-type investment approach and compiled a database of global companies that benefit from structural social, demographic and environmental trends. Such database can be used as a blue-print for a larger, organization-wide sustainable investment platform. He has a B.A. Economics and Management, Moscow State University (1996); M.B.A. with concentration in Accounting and Finance, The University of Illinois at Chicago (1999). Mr. Rybakov is a CFA charterholder and is a member of the CFA Institute and the CFA Society of Orange County, California.

Katalin (Kati) Gingold, CFA, Director of Research

Ms. Gingold has over 20 years of international and emerging markets equity research, portfolio management and marketing experience across the market capitalization spectrum. She has developed a concentrated emerging markets investment product focusing on high quality businesses with durable value compounding potential and full integration of sustainability and ESG analysis. Ms. Gingold received a B.Sc. in Economics at Corvinus University of Budapest (1998) and M.Sc., Business Administration, Finance, European Studies at Corvinus University of Budapest (2000); She also earned a Certificate in Finance from the Stockholm School of Economics (1998) and attended IMD’s leadership program in Lausanne, Switzerland (2018). Ms. Gingold is a CFA charterholder and is a member of the CFA Institute and the CFA Society of Orange County, California.

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