THINKING: Profiles

Jose Reyes – Director, Capital Markets

Jose Reyes, a Penserra investment banker and Dominican-American, allocates much of his precious free time to marathon training, an activity requiring tremendous discipline and endurance. Jose brings these qualities to work with him every day and it’s valuable contributions like these from Jose and Penserra’s many Latino employees that makes the firm proud of its Hispanic heritage

As an investment professional with over 23 years of experience in the financial services industry you have seen a variety of market conditions.  What are your thoughts on the current U.S. capital markets environment?

The current U.S. capital markets environment continues to be resilient. In early September we saw a record volume of nearly $75 billion in new debt issuance during a 4-day trading session. It’s worth noting with the tax reform and companies repatriating overseas cash, new issue volume is less than 5% behind from last year. Despite the noise from the back and forth volleys in the U.S. China trade/tariff saga, or the latest concern of the inversion of the 2yr/10yr Treasury yield curve, I anticipate issuers will continue their borrowing spree due to a recipe of low interest rates and investors’ robust appetite of new supply.  

You joined Penserra in 2016. What attracted you to the firm, and how does your previous experience enhance your ability to effectively work with clients.

Prior to joining Penserra, I knew very little about the firm.  When I started to do my research, I was impressed by the steady growth of the company. I noticed the firm did not have a presence in the debt or equity capital markets arena. At the time, I believed the firm could expand into that business line and felt I could contribute and become an integral part in helping to launch it. I’ve always learned to listen and have a keen understanding to what a client’s needs are and try to deliver value added results.

You graduated from Baruch College in 1994 with a degree in Finance. How do you feel about Money Magazine recently ranking your alma mater #2 in its list of “Best Colleges in America?”

Of course, it’s great to see a small school like Baruch College recognized as one of the best colleges. What makes the school such a good institution is its rigorous focus in accounting and finance, with the added benefit of being centrally located in the epicenter of the financial industry. A notable alumnus who has been in news recently is the founder and CEO of WeWork.

You have participated in six New York City marathons. What is your best time, and what are some training techniques you use to prepare for every race?

My best time is 3hrs 23 minutes. I tried to keep my training techniques as simple as possible. For example, when training for a marathon I tend to give myself approximately 4-5 months of training. We all have busy lives and responsibilities, so early morning runs are vital because it eliminates any distractions from the rest of the day. I also incorporate smaller races such as a 10k’s and half-marathons as part of the training process and use it as a barometer. It’s always important to stay disciplined and understand what the end goal is.