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Penserra Partners to Feed Front Line Medical Workers

Penserra Partners to Feed Front Line Medical Workers

Penserra is committed to the health and safety of the communities where its employees live and work. During this time of crisis, Penserra has partnered with local organizations in New York, Chicago, and the San Francisco Bay Area to provide meals to doctors, nurses, and other front line healthcare workers. These medical professionals are heroes that need our help as they take care of patients stricken by COVID-19 and other medical emergencies.

In New York, Penserra partnered with The Migrant Kitchen to help reach its goal of delivering at least 1,000 meals a day to hospital workers throughout the New York metropolitan area.

In Chicago, working with Operation Red Cape and 4 Star Restaurant Group, Penserra has donated 250 lunches to Cook County hospitals.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, in an effort to support both those on the medical front lines and the many independently owned restaurants that make the area so special, Penserra partnered with East Bay FeedER to deliver hot meals to five San Francisco Bay Area hospitals

 “A BIG thank you to the doctors, nurses and medical support staff that are working through this crisis.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you!said Penserra CEO, George Madrigal.