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Penserra Transition Management Ranked Highly as a Provider by aiCIO

2018 Transition Management Survey ranks Penserra as a Top Provider

Orinda, CA, October 29, 2018 – In their 2018 annual Transition Management Survey, aiCIO Magazine ranked Penserra Transition Management as a top performer in both execution performance and overall customer satisfaction. This is the fourth year Penserra has been included in the survey and results have consistently shown the firm as a premier provider.

Highlights of the Penserra results in the 2018 survey include high rankings in:

  • Percentage of “Extremely Satisfied” Clients
  • Performance vs. Benchmarks
  • Overall Client Satisfaction  

The 2018 Transition Management (TM) survey identified several trends that may be the result of increased transparency in the industry. One trend noticed is the reasons for utilizing a transition manager are shifting. In 2017, the top reasons were manager performance and fund restructuring. In 2018, most respondents indicated they used transition management services for asset allocations or to change manager personnel. The survey also showed there have been fewer principal trades and more hybrid trades, whereas last year, principal trades surged — possibly because the need for transparency has taken center stage.

Penserra, is honored to be included in this survey which includes mostly large global firms. As an agency-only provider with a reputation for strong customer service and operational excellence, Penserra is well-positioned to take advantage of the trend toward greater transparency.

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